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You can start right now: Praying

Prayer is a powerful spiritual weapon. Jesus said that if at least two come in agreement about anything, He will manifest His power and authority. If you want to be part of God's movement around the world but do not know how, you can start right now with your prayers.

"Finally, brothers, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored, as happened among you"

Some are called to go, others have the ability to fulfill the ministry of supporting financially,  while others have been chosen to be prayer warriors. If you have a calling in this area and would like to be part of our team of intercessors please let us know. 

Are you a Prayer Warrior

Army Soldiers

Every great movement of God on earth, every revival or awakening has been preceded of a lot of pray. 

That is why Ethne Missions is looking for a thousand intercessors.

We strongly believed  that God is about to pour out the most great manifestation of His glory in history, ancient giants will fall in the nations and millions will declare that Jesus is the Lord.

It is time to prepare the ground with fervent prayer. If you are one of the thousand let us know. 

Answer the call, say : "Yes, I am a prayer warrior"

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The fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much

James 5:16

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