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Sponsor These Projects

When you give into Ethne Missions you are sponsoring these projects

If interested in support specifically one of these projects, contact us at 772-242-3475 or email us to

A vehicle for Pattaya's Children's Ministry

The Melendez Family is reaching the youngest generations with the Good News; and through these children, presenting Jesus to many families in the city of Pattaya. Public transportation is not only expensive but also a hassle that takes a lot of time. A vehicle will make it possible for the Melendez family to adopt more public schools and minister more effectively.

GOAL U$ 15,500.00
Help the kids from Champions House achieve their dreams 

The Champions House in Chiang Mai is giving sixteen teenagers the opportunity of getting an education and helping them to grow as disciples of Jesus. Recently, the house lost its financial support and as a result the children have been placed in the risk of having to go back to their small villages in the mountains loosing the opportunity of continuing their education and exposing them to high risk.

For The Champions House to continue to operate, it needs two thousand dollars every month. With this monetary support, the children will be able to be housed, fed and educated. 

GOAL U$ 48,000.00
Make possible for these Burmese children to get an education 

Education is expensive in this part of the world, specially for these Burmese children whose families had to flee from their land due to a constant civil war. In these villages, there are missionaries working hard to provide education and basic care for them. Many families have come to Christ by experiencing the love of God through the local church.

GOAL U$ 72,000.00
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